Love at First Write

I cannot remember a time when I did not write to express the whirling spiral of thoughts in my brain, whether it was logical or emotional. I have written poems, short stories and even a manuscript (or two, possibly three). Some pieces have been written easily and some have felt like each word was beingContinue reading “Love at First Write”

Critical Condition

When I hear people talk about hating to write or complaining about having to write something, I am always struck with surprise. For me, writing is a way for me to think through an issue. Whether it is personal or professional, I can always think clearer when I am writing it. Thank you to allContinue reading “Critical Condition”

Why We Should Read

Children are told in school that reading is an important skill they will need to be adult. But as adults we don’t make time in our schedules to read. Reasons why every adult should read something every day: 1. Mental Stimulation 2. Reduced Stress 3. Gain Knowledge 4. Broaden Vocabulary 5. Improve your memory 6. Strengthen analytical thinking 7. Improve concentration 8. ImproveContinue reading “Why We Should Read”

Am I Out(of)line?

Do you plan your writing or do you just wing it and see what happens? For me, there are times where I can write without a plan, but most of the time I have some sort of plan for what, who and where the writing will go. This is where an outline is helpful. IContinue reading “Am I Out(of)line?”

You’re the Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, if you look. The problem most people have with inspiration is their expectations of it. We have preconceived notions about what is supposed to inspire us. You know the thoughts I mean: a small child smiling or a red rose or the elderly couple walking down the street holding hands. While allContinue reading “You’re the Inspiration”

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