It’s All About Me, Right?

Hi! I’m glad you stopped by my blog. Since you took time out of your busy day to visit, I should introduce myself.

My name is Sharon and I am currently a student in the Master of Professional Writing Program at Chatham University. The title of this entry should give you a hint that I am skilled in the art of sarcasm. I absolutely hate to talk about myself and would rather run a marathon while solving quadratic equations in my head than do this, but here we are : )

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Yes, that means I have a B.S. in Psychology and feel free to snicker. I do, quite often. I entered that line of study to figure out why we humans do some of the ridiculous things we do. While going to school I also got married, had a few children and became a stay at home mom. So, my studies took a little detour and I found myself relying on my old friends, reading and writing, to keep me sane. It worked most days.

Growing up I never thought of myself as a writer, but since I was very young it was how I processed things mentally. I write them. A break up, I write about it and possibly kill off a character similar to the ex-boyfriend. A new job, I write a poem about it. A child, I either write a loving, touching memory or see the ex-boyfriend reference above (children can and will drive you to brink of insanity some days). It really depended on the day. One day, I was telling my husband (now ex-husband)about how predictable a novel was that I had just finished. He offhandedly said, “Why don’t you write one then?” And that started my next chapter in writing… a novel. I won’t lie, it sounds easier then it really is to write something of that magnitude. Painstaking work that can lead to sleepless nights typing away at the keyboard. But when it’s completed, the feeling of relief, joy and exhaustion combined is indescribable. None of the novels that I have written are published…yet. The time will come when I get to that part of writing life, but for now it’s all for me. I’m not totally ready for that to be a part of my writing.

And that’s why I love writing It’s all up to you. What you do or don’t want to write about. If you want anyone else to read it or keep it for yourself. Every single piece of it is about you and your wants, your needs and your words. On the flip side, you better be reliable because you only have you. So if your livelihood is dependent upon your writing, then it may be less about what you want to write and more about what you have to write about. Remember how I said I hated to talk about myself…well I have to because my professor made me. So I sucked it up and started typing.

My vision for this blog is to have a place where people like me: people who love to write but might get distracted by this thing called life and need a little support, laughter or a tip or two to get them through their own writing. Hopefully we can all learn and support each other in our writing endeavors regardless of genre of writing we all choose. Learning from each other and helping each other is one of my goals. So, let’s get started.

I look forward to seeing you all in the comments section : )

P.S.- I also have 3 dogs and 3 cats. You can imagine how crazy my household is from there as I already mentioned the kids.

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